Welcome to the new Pet Database

Welcome to the new Animaldatabase

The Animaldatabase is for anyone interested in getting their animal registered and at the same time get a pedigree.

It is free to register both as a user or a breeder and to register your animal on the database.

You must be registered to gain full acces to the system.

Click here to see an example of a pedigree


We are hoping that in time we will have a solid and user friendly system, that will be of benefit for anyone who wants to register and create pedigrees for their pets at no costs.

Also, for those pets that are registered with a micro chip, tattoo or ring, it will be possible to use the registry to find missing animals and their registered owner.

The website will also be available for animals with a different type of identification.

The website will also offer adverts for selling animals.

The previously registered www.dyredatabasen.dk has automatically been transferred to the new database, so users already registered on dyredatabasen can log in to the new database with their usual log in details.

All type of animals are welcome !

We are not experts in all animal breeds, so we need a little help !

If you wish to register a new breed, you must have an above average knowledge of this breed, and we would like you to contact us directly via e-mail.

You can so far write to us in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German and English.

To register a new breed we need the following:

Breed ( for example hedgehog) and subspecies [Use Latin names].

Colour, pattern and other visual markings [it will be possible to create all the combinations that are recognised for each of the various animal breeds.

For those breeds that will typically be ID marked with Rings, tattoos or micro chips, there is a space to enter those details.

This means that the animal will gets it’s own ID in relation to it’s pedigree and at the same time the ID will be visible on the pets own profile page.

In the search function, it will be possible to find both.

When you print a pedigree in PDF format, the animals different identifications will show.

Our aim

for the new database aim is to get as many animals registered as possible, and that you, as a seller or buyer, can keep track of all the data for your animal.

This is why we recommend that you as a seller asks the buyer to register on the Pet Database.

After this you can transfer the data of the pet to its new owner.

How the system works

To ensure that no changes are made to the animals data which can make changes to the pedigree, it will not be possible to change certain data once the animals profile has been made.

When you are creating a profile for the animal it is therefore important that you have all the correct information before you start.

If you don´t have the correct date of birth you can un click the selection box in the right from [ Valid Date] and the birthday will appear as unknown.

The system is set up, so that it will automatically put up warnings if there is information missing or if you are trying to make changes such as entering death of animal or transfer to new owner.

It will however always be possible to change the name of an animal, if the new owner should wish to do so.

It will not affect the pedigree as the animals ID and other information can’t be changed.

If you are registering an animal without any informations of it’s parents, it will be possible to enter “0” (zero) in the space for parents details.

If the owner of the parents later on wish to register the parents in the database, you can then add them to your animals profile.

When a valid ID from the animaldatabase have been created for a parent it can not be changed later on.

If an animal have a different ID from another system:

When you register your animal in this database it will automamaticly get an ID assigned.

After you have createt your animal you will be able to enter the other ID in the space [Different ID]

The second ID will be shown in the pedigree, when you print to a PDF file

The System will automatically generate an inbreeding percentage there will appear when you download the pedigree as PDF

Be aware !

When an animal has once been reported as deceased it will not be possible to change its data.

When an animal has been transferred to a new owner, it will not be possible for the previous owner to make any changes to its data.

When an animal has been registered in the database it is not possible to delete its profile.

Shared register for animals sold on to owners who do not wish to register in the Animal Database:

As we can’t assume that all new owners wants to register in the Animal Database, it will be possible to transfer the registration to a shared registry.

For this purpose we have created a user called animaldatabase

The purpose of this user profile is that anyone who sells an animal they wish to save to the database but won’t necessarily want the animal on their list of own animals, can transfer the animal profile to the shared profile.

This way, the data for the animal will still be available in the Animal Database.

If a new owner later on changes their mind and wants to register in the Database, it will be possible to contact us to get the animal transferred to their account as long as proof of ownershop can be documented.

Info page

It is our aim that this page will be used to share all relevant information such as guides for matings, colours, dissertations and all kinds of practical information.

If you have anything you would like to share, please send it to us on an e-mail and we will upload it as a pdf file once approved. All languages are welcome.

It is important that the file name is describing the subject as clearly as possible to make it easy for other users to find.


1. Hedgehog, care guide,

Or the latin name:

2. Atelerix Albiventris – care guide

3. Tenrec-Echinops Telfairi – care guide

By using the Latin name for the files, they will be listed in order of species and create a better over view for the users.

Rules & Conditions

It is free to register as a user or breeder.

Beside informing us of your e-mail address, in relation to re-set of password, it is up to you if you want to register any other information beside a username. The username should not be your email.

In relation to buying and selling, we recommend that you add details such as country, postal code and general contact information.

In relation to the pedigrees, it is not possible to delete a user account, but you can delete the personal information on your account.

It is also not possible to delete an animal from the Database.

You can create several user accounts as a general user or as a breeder.

If you have different types of animals, you might want to create individual user accounts that relates to each breed that you have.

You will not be allowed to create profiles for animals that do not belong to you, unless you have permission from it’s owner and it will benefit you in regards to the pedigrees of your own animals. You need to be aware that in this instance the animal will show up as being owned by you. Instead we recommend that you suggest the owner that they can register for free on the AnimalDatabase.

Other information

The Animal Database is run by private funds and by volunteers, who work on developing the website continuously.

If you are experiencing errors, have suggestions or questions you are welcome to contact us on: animaldatabase.dk@hotmail.com

The Database is prepared to work with different languages, so if there is anyone who wants to help with translations, please contact us. We will be very grateful for your help.